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Offering education, development and wellness services to help families be proactive about reducing their child's risk of chronic illness & developmental delays.

Rather than waiting for a diagnosis to occur, we understand the root causes to disease and the importance of typical developmental milestones during infancy.



Erin Taylor, MS, OTR/L, D. PSc.  is a licensed pediatric occupational therapist with 20 + years of specialty practice in infant development, Neonatal Intensive Care, feeding with medically complex infants and sensory processing.  As rates of childhood chronic illness and developmental disabilities have climbed, Erin has recognized the need for prevention vs. waiting for a diagnosis or certain degree of delay to occur prior to starting services.


"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

~ Benjamin Franklin 


Erin has completed advanced training in the areas of nutrition, detoxification, and biomedical testing and treatment in order to provide wellness coaching using a functional health approach that addresses underlying causes of disease and promotes optimal wellness.  Erin is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association  (PMAto provide these functional wellness services. 


In the 1960's about 4% of the population had a chronic disease.


Today, 46% of children 0-12 years old are diagnosed with a chronic illness or disease such as allergies, eczema, asthma, anxiety & mood disorders, OCD, ADHD, developmental delay, sensory processing disorder, autism, autoimmune disease and cancer.

What is making our children so sick?

There is a saying, "genetics may load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger,"  meaning we all have genetic susceptibilities to disease which may "run in the family", but environmental and lifestyle factors play a huge role in whether or not that disease is triggered.  It is also important to recognize there is no one single cause or trigger, but a multitude of causes with toxicity, gut dysbiosis, nutritional deficiencies, and chronic inflammation at the top of the list. 


Children today are exposed to increasingly higher levels of toxins, stress & nutritionally poor food than ever before.  What is not well know, is that all of these factors can be passed from mother to baby in the womb compounding the issue.  According to a 2001 Swedish study in Environmental Health Perspectives, a mother dumps 75% of her toxic load into her baby.  Addressing these underlying areas is critical in order to take steps toward healing & recovery, as well as, for prevention of future chronic illness and disease.

Rising Rates of Childhood Chronic Illness
Baby's Brain Development

Pillars of

Brain Development

Motor Development
Gut Health

By 12 months of age, your baby’s brain will grow to 90% of adult size.

Motor development, nutrition, toxicity and gut health all play an important role in optimal brain health & development. 


Whether your goal is to prevent chronic illness & developmental delays or support the body's healing & recovery from illness and developmental delays,

LoveBaby Wellness helps you address all 4 pillars providing a comprehensive approach that gives you greater control of your family's health and wellness.


Ultimate Prevention:


Healthy Pregnancy

Prevention & Early Intervention: 

Infants & Toddlers

Steps Toward Healing & Recovery

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