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  • Almost Autism: Recovering Children from Sensory Processing Disorder by Maria Rickert Hong

  • Importance of Reflex Integration (PDF)

  • Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, MD

  • Smart Moves:  Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head   by Carla Hannaford, Ph.D.

  • Raising A Healthy, Happy Eater:  A Stage by Stage Guide to Setting Your Child on the Path to Adventurous Eating  by Nimali Fernando, MD, MPH & Melanie Potlock, MA, CCC-SLP

**** Restore has recently changed their product name to ION Biome (see link at top of page)  Despite the name change, the product and company are exactly the same.  Look for an updated video coming soon, but for now this video is helpful for learning more about how Restore/ION Biome protects the gut lining from toxins and inflammatory foods.

More Coming Soon.........

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